MaharaCZ after DisCo15

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ePortfolio tool Mahara was introduced to the Czech higher education in 2009 at Brno Masaryk University thanks to Petr Sudicky and especially to Sigi Jakob Kühn aka the Networking Lady who gave her Mahara workshop there. Since then there has been some pilots and studies run and ePortfolio has been adopted with certain difficulties at some institutions. At the University of Pardubice Mahara ePortfolio was installed in 2012. In the past two years it has been successfully tested, implemented by several teachers and used in language teaching and learning, in international cooperation and projects, and piloted in teacher training. 

In 2014 MaharaCZ was established and has been maintained mainly by the University of Pardubice. Thanks to DisCo15, networking possibilities there, hard work of Sigi Jakob Kühn, international community support and learning possibilities provided by numerous experts in the field there is a potential to create a small but active community of several Czech universities and professionals employing ePortfolio in their learning and teaching.